Bains Celtiques Rœllinger


For centuries, the small French coastal town of Cancale has been famous for its oysters. As anyone who loves them will tell you, oysters don’t taste salty or briny or fishy; they simply taste distinctly but indefinably maritime.

We wanted to create a similarly subtle impression for Olivier Roellinger, the renowned three-Michelin-starred chef, and his new spa and hospitality brand, Bain Celtiques.

Roellinger asked DoThings for a clean, contemporary visual identity and packaging that referenced Cancale and the surrounding Brittany countryside in a pared-back, quietly sophisticated way. The understated, uncluttered layouts we created hint at the high-quality natural ingredients that go into Bain Celtiques products, while deft nautical touches and small, intricate design elements relating to maritime navigation deliver a pure, fresh foretaste of the atmosphere that awaits visitors to Cancale.


art direction