Dahlia Selva


We started out by defining the Dahlia Selva’s mission - to empower a woman to be ‘unapologetically herself’. The rest of our work for the company’s founders, Stephanie and Danilo, flowed from there.

Coming from the worlds of Louboutin and Ralph Lauren, they have experience, expertise and taste in abundance. They’re committed to designing luxurious shoes that balance classical elegance with modern style, fierceness with delicacy, and opulence with refinement.

DoThings was tasked with expressing this ambition visually. We supplied the logo and a custom typeface. We developed the photography and art direction. We also suggested the signature double-faced style of the brand’s campaigns: two women representing the beauty of a dahlia and the ‘selvaggia’ - or ‘wildness’ - of Italy; a woman’s strength and her grace; her sensuality, her fearlessness and her innate, inalienable power.


art direction