Zaha Hadid's 520W28


Brand/building, literally 

520W28 is one of the more extraordinary properties in Related Companies’ portfolio and one of the most celebrated residential buildings in Manhattan. It requires a brand that reflects not only Zaha Hadid’s exceptional design but also the warm comfort of the apartments within. That’s why we injected so much heart and humanity into the visual identity, revising the logo, introducing warmer tones to the color palette, and adding handwritten touches to the graphic elements.

During our deep dive into the target market, the competition, the West Chelsea neighborhood and the building itself, we came to understand something that’s often overlooked when it comes to a residential development: people admire great architecture, but when it comes to buying a home admiration isn’t enough - they need to fall in love. 

So, we fundamentally repositioned the 520W28 brand. It’s no longer just about the formal beauty or architectural significance: it’s about encouraging families to fall in love with a new neighborhood, with an elevated lifestyle, and with the idea of calling this contemporary masterpiece their home.


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